Edgar v. Maynard If Ever a Draw Was Justified

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If I ever saw a draw, it was during UFC 125’s main event. Edgar was the champion, but Vegas had him as the underdog. Edgar’s only loss was against Maynard, he even commented that his record was 13 and Gray Maynard. Maynard, undefeated coming into the fight, for some reason didn’t get first crack at BJ Penn. Edgar got the shot, then beat BJ Penn (Why I Fight: The Belt Is Just an Accessory), a fight that set Maynard back even further. Penn is the greatest MMA Lightweight in history, of course he deserved another shot at the title.

Edgar proved to the world on August 28th that he wasn’t a fluke and dominated an icon in the sport. Immediately, the UFC had a new plot line. The champion that fights on heart but has the skill the to hang with the best of them would have to be challenged by his only defeat: Gray Maynard.

Maynard as we all know, won Round One, he threw 97 punches and it was the most one-sided round in UFC history that didn’t result in a knockout or submission (although Vera vs Silva earlier in the night might be numbers two,three and four). Edgar deserves a bit of a jeer to some extent for both punching himself out and not being able to finish, thereby giving Edgar a shot to leave the ring with his belt.

The rest of the fight played out like a close draw, with Edgar having the edge overall in rounds 2-4. We can go on about the technical reasons the fight should have gone one way or the other, but the simple truth is if there was ever a fight that deserved a draw as a result, it was Edgar vs Maynard on January 1st, 2011. If I asked you who the better fighter was, could you give a solid answer that couldn’t be easily refuted, or that any one who knows anything about MMA could cast a shadow of doubt over? If I asked you who will win the rematch, can you give me a well constructed answer that isn’t pure speculation? True, there’s a lot of speculation in any hypothetical or future fight, but we can agree I hope on one thing: It’s not easy to say who is better and it’s not easy to defend a position on who’ll take the rematch. It becomes as simple as this: We Shall Wait And See.


Brett Favre’s Streak Goes Bye Bye and He Didn’t Even Cry Read More!

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Feels weird to live in a world where Brett Favre doesn’t have an active consecutive start streak going… last time that happened George Bush Part 1 was only in his first year as president and Justin Beber hadn’t even been born yet…

You should all remember the names Arthur Moats and Tavaris Jackson for future Trivial Pursuit games. The first name being the player to finally injure Brett Favre bad enough that he misses his first start since 1992 and the second as the first quarterback to start with Favre on the bench since 1992.

Amir Khan BARELY Deserved the Win

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Last night, or Saturday December 11th for those of you reading this later, happened to be a pretty good night for combat sports, GSP fought in his home Quebec and defended his Welterweight title. Amir Khan, Britain’s next hope for an exciting fighter fought a personal favorite, hard-hitting Marcos Maidana.

The fight was extremely exciting, easily up for fight of the year, and we got to see a lot from Amir Khan, although I would say the Argentinean Maidana was much closer to winning than the final scorecard showed at the end. The Argentinean suffered from a brutal knockdown after a hard punch to the liver in the first round, then after a breather round for both fighters each of the Junior Welterweights began to trade rounds back and forth.

Khan looked the most fit, but that wsa because he spent most of the fight running away from the stalking Maidana. Khan easily had a higher punch percentage, but that’s only because Maidana’s “hard as three punches” uppercuts and hooks only counted for one in the equation. In the end Khans speed and punch percentage mixed Maidana being knocked down, an idiot point deduction and a referee seperating the fighters more than once when they weren’t even clinched, Khan did deserve the win, but barely.

It’s a bit obnoxious the way analysts are trying to make it sound like it was all Khan. He did deserve high marks for proving the critics wrong about his chin. He took possibly the hardest hits he will ever take in that division and did not hit the mat.

More GSP And Silva Hoopla. It’s a Dumb Idea.

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It’s a dumb idea, but I admit I’d be glued to the television screen if it did happen, I guess that’s all that counts right? More news down from Grand Poobah Dana White about the Silva GSP Super Fight. I dish out the bad news here, saying that GSP does have people to fight, and that Silva is too big and could be a light heavyweight fighter. GSP vs Silva is plain dumb and a joke if it does come together, a joke I’ll definitely pay my pay-per-view provider for.

The GSP Conundrum

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Georges St. Pierre is running over everyone he fights in the Welterweight division, and this is leading some to push towards a GSP v. Anderson Silva match even harder. In my estimation, this would be among the stupidest things GSP could do. St. Pierre is a smart guy so I doubt he’d bother with fighting someone so much bigger than him, especially when he still has a couple more guys that deserve shots.

People clamoring for such a fight are saying things like A long-awaited showdown between St. Pierre and Silva will at least serve to settle the oft-discussed pound-for-pound best mixed martial artist in the world. What a foolish thing to say, if Cain Velasquez fought and beat Anderson Silva, would Velasquez be the best pound for pound fighter? No he wouldn’t, he’s just much bigger than Silva, just like Silva is much bigger than GSP. This argument is for another post, but if you really want to watch Silva fight better fighters, it’s him that should go up in weight. He’s already proven he’s comfortable at 205lbs when he beat and embarrassed former champion Forrest Griffin in UFC 101.

Another obnoxious thing I keep hearing is that there isn’t anyone else for GSP to fight in the Welterweight division, and that’s absolute BS. It’s true that GSP could probably beat them all, but there are still people who deserve title shots that either GSP has never fought, like Jake Shields who recently came over from Strikeforce, and Jon Fitch, who lost to GSP three years ago but is without a doubt the second best Welterweight in the world.

Even if he is a boring fighter, which I disagree with, he’s still the best and he’s still the only person with any iota of a chance at beating GSP. I think Dana White knows this and would have a heart attack if GSP were to lose to Jon Fitch, since Fitch being the champion would make for some less than Brock Lesnar/Cain Velasquez action packed fights. He is the best at welterweight besides GSP and his five match win streak (six if he defeats BJ Penn in February) are all you need to know that he deserves a shot. Fitch had a 16 match win streak before he fought GSP in 2008 and lost and since then he’s beaten the likes of Paulo Thiago, Ben Saunders and Thiago Alves. Dana White is now making him face an out of his prime lightweight and will probably make Fitch fight Jake Shields before he finally has to give in and set up a GSP v. Fitch fight. Hopefully by then GSP’s reputation isn’t tarnished because the UFC forced him to fight the much larger Anderson Silva.

The Catch That Wasn’t A Catch

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So Calvin Johnson didn’t catch the ball? It was because of a dumb rule?

So let’s say you toss it to me from a few yards out. I catch it with one hand and never bring it close to my body, but run forty yards. Someone catches up to me and strips it, so then it’s incomplete then right? Seems to be what everyone says the rule is, even if they think it’s stupid. I’m bringing a different argument to the table. I say that the “finish the process of the catch” rule is SO vague that I can argue the opposite, and that if you say I can’t then you have a paradox and conundrum with what I said at the beginning of this paragraph to explain. Did he finish the process of the catch? I say yes, because:

he had obvious control
he butt touched the ground
and he had control when his butt hit the ground
that’s not even pointing out his control when both his feet hit the ground

So boys and girls, live with this if he didn’t complete the process of the catch: Chris Johnson catches it with one hand in the backfield, doesn’t tuck it in, the 50, the 40, the 30… Wait he’s stripped!!!! Referees say that he didn’t finish the process of the catch, it’s incomplete 30 yards back, even though he had control…

It was a catch… thank god it wasn’t a playoff game… (or else we wouldn’t have this problem since the Lions and the Bears SUCK!!! and won’t be there. Go Pack).

The Codes of Football. Why I Have the Capacity to Love Them All

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European football, American football, both forms of Rugby, Aussie Rules aka ‘footy’, and Gaelic football are all related and all took different forms in their respective countries for different reasons. At the outset I will say my favorite is American football, but I will also admit that the only reason this is true is, because I was born in America and I grew up with it. It’s also true for your favorite code New Zealander, Australian, and English/Irish sports fan. The only person who might have anything interesting to say about which is the best, would be the apparently non-existent sports fan who grew up loving one sport, has a deep knowledge of its rules and history, and now is a die hard fan of one of the others. I doubt there are many of those people and besides that is not the point of this post.

I have clear merit for believing that each code of football is great. Each and every one has taken over the sporting soul of at least one country, that is reason enough for me to know that Australian Rules football is a great sport. As I learn more about it and rugby I can see they’re great entertaining competitions. It’s no matter the reasons I can think of why American football is better than soccer or what individual things make Rugby better than Gaelic football. My short time in Ireland showed me how great the sports Curling and Gaelic football were.

It may be because I’m just so open to athletics in general, maybe it’s because I’m more open minded than most sports fans (says the guy who named his general sports blog after two of his favorite professional teams), but I have the capacity to like every one of the codes, even if I don’t have the time to watch them all. I’ve already chosen favorite teams in some of these sports that I only basic knowledge of the rules and virtually no knowledge of the history. I’m ready to be a fan though, I simply love sports, and I’m ready to watch all of these codes of football when they can be found, so long as they’re not on on Sunday afternoons, ’cause that’s NFL time.